The Organized Leader

Brand Strategy, Identity Design, & Marketing Materials

Brand Strategy, Identity Design, & Marketing Materials

The Organized Leader is a consultancy serving managers and owners of small businesses, specifically the coffee industry. They provide educational resources to those who have either started a coffeeshop themselves, or manage a team of baristas and other employees. My goal was to establish The Organized Leader in the marketplace as an authority, with their brand and identity, and overall digital environments.

The process like always started with a brand strategy and discovery session or workshop. I facilitated a meeting where we established:

  • Brand Positioning Statement - We brainstorm key words that will help determine the look, feel, voice, and tone of the brand.
  • Customer Profiles - We determine who Vitalities target audience. This includes: Psychographics, demographics, backstory, expectations/desires, obstacles, loves, etc.
  • User Journeys - We hash out how the audience will interact with the brand and website: Compelling events, awareness, engage & delight, and share & return.
  • Business Priorities and Goals - We prioritize: Awareness goals, Revenue goals, and efficiency goals for Vitality's marketing strategy.
  • Visual Competitor Analysis.

Here's some slides from the initial brand strategy and discovery workshop:

After the brand strategy session, I have enough information to start further research, and start defining a visual language that will point the direction of the brand.

Client presentation for the first round of logo designs:

Final logo design:

After creating and presenting 2-3 Stylescapes, this is the one chosen for the overall look, feel, and tone of the brand:

From then it was time to design the website and other marketing materials.

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