Banking App Feature Enhancements

Mobile App New Designs and Improvements

This company is a mobile banking app. It’s a bank with no brick and mortar, and I’ve had the privilege in 2020 to be their retaining contract UX designer.

These are some of the paradigms and features that I’ve had the privilege of helping build:

  • Peer to Peer Send Money
  • Broken Linked External Accounts
  • Direct Deposit User Flow and Document Designs
  • Referral Program
  • UI Design of Transactions
  • Fraud Control
  • Account Limits
  • Overall UX/UI updates

Processes for each feature include, but not limited to, research of competitors, user flows, wireframes, visual designs, and prototypes. Figma has been my main tool of choice for this work for creating all mockups and assets needed for the development team to build the product.

Samples of several user flows I crafted for some of these features:

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