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The Organized Leader is a consultancy, serving those primarily in the coffee management community. They help small coffee businesses achieve their goals with downloadable resources and educational material. My goal was to help The Organized Leader create a site that would allow their audience to easily get the information they need, so they would keep coming back to The Organized Leader for more, ultimately generating them more revenue. 

It started with a brand strategy and discovery workshop that I facilitated for The Organized Leader. This is where we will hash out exactly the roadmap that the brand, logo, website, and all marketing materials need to follow. The strategy workshop covers things like:

  • Brand Positioning Statement - We brainstorm key words that will help determine the look, feel, voice, and tone of the brand.
  • Customer Profiles - We determine who The Organized Leader’s target audience. This includes: Psychographics, demographics, backstory, expectations/desires, obstacles, loves, etc.
  • User Journeys - We hash out how the audience will interact with the brand and website: Compelling events, awareness, engage & delight, and share & return.
  • Business Priorities and Goals - We prioritize: Awareness goals, revenue goals, and efficiency goals for The Organized Leader's marketing strategy.

See Below for more Process.


Here's a few slides from the brand strategy and discovery workshop:

After everything in the brand has been determined I proceeded with the logo design, and then started to wireframe out some of the web pages. Afterwards, visual designs were executed. I developed the site using Webflow. The site is fully responsive and has a content management system that allows the owner of the business full access to make changes and edits to content whenever needed. The logo and illustrations are also my work.

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